Company Policies

Questions and Answers


Q=   What kind of licenses may I need?
A=   You may require a Public Performing Rights license to show the movie and possibly a permit to use the property for the event.

Q=   Who is responsible for the acquiring of a media license?
A=   The customer who signs our contract for the event is ultimately held responsible for the acquisition of any licensing.  Under The Stars Entertainment will work with you in acquiring a license to show your movie, which is a relatively simple process.  Unfortunately in many cases we are not allowed to acquire the license for you.

Q=  Do I require a license to show a movie?
A=  Yes and No.  This is a big question with several answers. In general a backyard private family event does not require a Public Performance Rights (PPR) license (It is built into most store purchased media).   Events open to the public, in parks, or on commercial properties, do require a Public Performance Rights license.  Events that charge an admission or do any public advertising from the customer or off site advertising or is in a private location that only members can attend will require a license and may qualify as a theatrical release and be subject to different licensing requirements.  Contact us for more info regarding licensing and we will assist you in getting the right answers.
(Please Contact us for more details)

Q=    How do I know if I require a license?
A=    Contact us and we can assist you in where to get that answer.
Q=    How much is a license 
A=    That all depends on many criteria surrounding each individual event.  Please contact us and we will direct you on how to get the answer for your event.  In general basic public performing licenses start at $200.00 per movie, per showing.

Q=    Why do I have to pay for a License?
A=    This is a hard to swallow cost that many people are reluctant to pay because they donít understand where the money goes.  We have all enjoy watching movies, TV, seeing plays, listening to a favorite band and so on, but we often donít realize how much money it cost to pay for the production of the work.  The artists, managers, producers, directors, writers, and every other person involved need to earn a living for the hard work they do.  If it wasn't for the licensing none of the people who create such great work, and make it available to us, would want to do their work!  After all, who wants to work for free!
Q=     Can you Play pre-movie music?
A=     Yes we can but there is a separate cost of licensing to do so along with media costs.  Please contact us in advance if you would like pre-movie music.
Q=   If I need a license and donít get one, what will happen?
A=    Unfortunately if you require a license and donít have the license present on the night of the event Under The Stars Entertainment will likely cancel the movie, will retain your deposit, and you will be required to pay the balance owing for the event.  You are also susceptible to fines from various organizations for not being licensed.  We at Under The Stars Entertainment take licensing seriously and support it.   Ultimately Under The Stars Entertainment is an Outdoor movie equipment organizer and you are ultimately responsible for the acquisition of required licensing for your event.
Q=    Can you play a movie I downloaded and burned to DVD?
A=    Unfortunately we canít play burned or downloaded media as it will not have the appropriate Public Performing Rights licensing.
Q=   Can you play our own family videos?
A=   Absolutely we can play your own videos but we need to preview its content to ensure you have no copyrighted content on it and you to ensure you truly have the full rights to show it.  Typically we need at least 30 days notice to do this.

Q=   How long do I need to book your services in advance?
A=     We recommend a minimum of 30 days advance booking but the earlier you book the better the chance of getting the date you request.
Q=   What days are best for booking?
A=   We suggest events be on Friday or Saturday evenings as it creates the least inconvenience for any neighbors.
Q=   Do you require a deposit?   
A=   Deposits are required for the securing of your event date.  If you are a paid event you will be required to cover Ĺ the cost of the event at booking time and the remainder at your booked show night.  If you are deemed an event that we consider a public, no cost event we still require a minimum (based on your event size) deposit of $200.00 to secure your booking date but that will be returned on the night of the booked show.  The booking deposit is in addition to any licensing fees that may be required.
Q=   If I cancel do I get my deposit back?
A=   Unfortunately should you decide to cancel your event, deposits are not refundable.  We will only refund deposits under three conditions 1-The weather is not safe for our equipment to operate, (for both the original booked date and your backup date). 2- We have, at our discretion decided to cancel the show.  3- The cancellation is requested with more than thirty days notice of the event.   Please be aware we do not refund licensing fees under any circumstance.

Q=   What happens in the event of rain or the threat of rain or other bad weather?
A=     Unfortunately we canít control the weather and suggest you monitor the local forecast as the event approaches.  Under the Stars Entertainment will cancel or stop any event in the event of rain, dangerous winds /gusts, thunder/ lightning, and fog that are considered hazardous to the guests or our equipment. Under the Stars Entertainment will have the final say on whether the show goes on or not. 
Should the event be cancelled due to bad weather, Under the Stars Entertainment will work with you to re-schedule the event to one optional day if the original booking had to be cancelled.    Under The Stars Entertainment will offer a refund for the use of our services if the second day is also cancelled due to inclement weather.  If the event is cancelled, any funds paid for the licensing of the media being presented are not refundable.  In many cases we will do our best to work with you to reschedule the event and any licensing.
Set up time and location requirements:

Q=   How long does it take to set up?
A=   It takes about an hour to setup the equipment in most situations and we like to allow another hour to tweak the sound and audio so be prepared for our arrival 2 hours before show time.  Under The Stars Entertainment strongly suggests you consider a movie that has a run time of no more than two hours.  The quality and brightness of the picture will be greatly diminished if the movie needs to start during daylight hours.
Q=   How much space do I need?
A=   Our equipment needs relatively flat ground, and the screens require at least 3 feet of space behind them.  For an average backyard event we suggest having a minimum of 15 feet wide and 25 feet from screen to projector. 
Q=   Do you come out to inspect the site prior to the event?
A=   Absolutely.  Once the event date is set and the deposit is paid, Under the Stars Entertainment will be out to look over the event site to make sure there are no surprise issues on event night and to verify if we need any special site arrangements for the show.
Q=   Do you drive any anchor stakes into the ground? Should I request locates from my local utilities
A=    Yes we do use anchor stakes for safety of our equipment.  You need to be aware of any buried cables, pipes, gas lines, etc as Under the Stars Entertainment will not be held responsible for any damages to buried lines.  Contacting the appropriate utilities prior to the event is always a good idea.
Q=   What about the direction the screen faces?
A=    It doesnít really matter where the screen faces although a screen facing east will allow a movie to begin a bit earlier than if it faces other directions.   
Show times and sound policies:

Q=   What time does the show start?
A=   The show is best to start at dusk but may need to begin earlier in order to accommodate for the length of run time the movie requires.  Under The Stars Entertainment will not continue to play any audio past 11pm as per local noise bi-laws.  Under the Stars Entertainment strongly suggest you choose movie titles that have a run time of less than two hours.  Long run time movies result in movies that need to start earlier then dusk.  The quality and brightness of the picture will be greatly diminished if the movie needs to start during daylight hours.
Q=   Can the movie play beyond 11 pm?
A=   Unfortunately under the Stars Entertainment will not extend run times beyond 11pm due to local noise bi-laws.
Q=   How loud will the event be?  
A=   Under the Stars Entertainment will balance the audio for best effect and set the overall audio level to a level you feel comfortable with.  We strongly suggest you work with any neighbors to prevent any disruptions to your event.
Utility Access:

Q=   What power / utilities are required to be available?
A=   We require a single 15 amp plug to run the audio / video for an event but will require an additional power supply for any optional equipment you request like concession supplies.  In some situations we may need access to potable drinking water for our concession equipment. 
Q=   What about power failures?
A=   Unfortunately out equipment requires electricity to run so in the event of a power failure we will have to cancel the event. 
Q=   What if my event has no access to Power?
A=   Please inform us at the time of your booking about power supply issues as we need to secure on site regulated inverter generators to provide clean stable power for out equipment.  We will inform you of any additional costs for us to supply power as soon as we have the details.
Q=   Do you supply portable toilets for events?
A=   Unfortunately Under the Stars Entertainment do not supply such facilities.  We strongly suggest you have considered access to facilities if you are expecting a large / public attendance.
Q=   Do you supply security?
A=   That is an option that you will need to follow up with an outside source should you think it will be needed.
Q=   Do you have Concession equipment available?
A=   Yes.  Under the Stars Entertainment has Popcorn machines and Cotton candy equipment available for limited sized audiences at reasonable rates.  We are unfortunately not able to supply concessions for very large venues but will work with you to make the event an exciting event.  Please contact us for details.

Q=    What if someone damages your equipment accidentally or neglectfully?
A=    Under The Stars Entertainment work hard to keep cables routed as safely as possible and our equipment is anchored where required.   Under the Stars Entertainment expects adequate supervision from our customer over their guests to make sure there is no damage to our equipment.  Should the unfortunate event occur where equipment is damaged by accident or negligence the customer attached to the contract will be held responsible for the cost of any damage.
Q=   Do you need help setting up?
A=   Under the Stars Entertainment appreciate the offers we get from people to help setup / tear down but we do not require additional help. 
Q=    Do you have insurance?
A=   Absolutely, Under the Stars Entertainment carries insurance covering its operations including liability.
Q=   What kind of equipment do you use?
A=   Under the Stars Entertainment uses a variety of Audio and Video equipment to make each event exciting and memorable.  Whether an inside or outside event we have the right equipment for your needs.  We are capable of 5000 watts of audio power, and several screen sizes to meet you event needs. 
Q=   Do you do surround sound outdoors?
A=   Absolutely, If your movie choice is ready for it, so are we.  Surround sound outdoors makes us different from other outdoor cinemas.
Q=   Do you have a microphone available so we can announce our party details?
A=      Yes we do.  (Wired)
Q=   How do I sponsor a public event?
A=   Under the Stars Entertainment welcomes individuals and companies who want to sponsor public events.  We are all about Bringing families together and canít do it alone.  Please contact us with details of what you have in mind and we will work with you to bring it to life.  We can offer in many circumstances, on screen, pre-movie advertising and certainly add your name to our list of sponsor friends on our web site.  We can do individual events or merge many sponsors to provide an event, whatever works best.  
Q=   What geographical areas does your company cover?
A=   Under the Stars Entertainment is located in St Catharines, Ontario, Canada.  We cover local events in the cities of Niagara Falls, Welland, Thorold, Pelham, Jordan, St Catharines, and area.  If you are looking for an event elsewhere please contact us with details so we will work out a cost for doing an event out of our local area.  Unfortunately we only cover events in Canada.
Q=   What movies do you have available?
A=   If you can buy or rent it, we can likely show it.  Some movies have special requirements for licensing so please contact us with your requests and we will inform you of its circumstances.  Some special things to consider are the newer the title the more costly the licensing may be and certain studios like Disney, have special requirements that may limit selections. 
Q=   What about Movie ratings?
A=   It is important to take into consideration the content being viewed in your movie selections.  Take into account the age of your viewers, appropriateness of the scenes visible to the public, and neighborsí.  Under the stars Entertainment is not responsible for content of any movie it shows.
Q=   Do you supply seating?
A=   Unfortunately not yet.  We suggest having your guests bring their own blankets, folding chairs, and bug spray.
Q=   Can we raise money for a cause?
A=   Absolutely you can ask for donations towards any cause you like, but it has to be clear that it is not an admittance fee.  Admittance fees are not allowed under Public Performing Rights Licensing. 
Q=   Can we advertise your event?
A=   You can advertise you event on your property or on your website.  Unfortunately you are not allowed to do commercial, or paid for advertising about your event as that is against Public Rights Licensing rules.  Should there be free public advertising not solicited by anyone involved with the event it is considered ok.
It is the Person / Organization who signs the contract with Under the Stars Entertainment for an event who is ultimately held liable for any violation to the licensing requirements for showing movies in public.  We at Under the Stars Entertainment strongly suggest you contact either The Copyright board of Canada, Criterion Pictures or Audio Cine Films Inc, for details on Public Performing Licenses.  Under The Stars Entertainment will not be held responsible for any violations to licensing.