Q=   What kind of licenses may I need?
A=   You may require a Public Performing Rights license to show the movie and possibly a permit to use the property for the event.

Q=   Who is responsible for the acquiring of a media license?
A=   The customer who signs our contract for the event is ultimately held responsible for the acquisition of any licensing.  Under The Stars Entertainment will work with you in acquiring a license to show your movie, which is a relatively simple process.  Unfortunately in many cases we are not allowed to acquire the license for you.

Q=  Do I require a license to show a movie?
A=  Yes and No.  This is a big question with several answers. In general a backyard private family event does not require a Public Performance Rights (PPR) license (It is built into most store purchased media).   Events open to the public, in parks, or on commercial properties, do require a Public Performance Rights license.  Events that charge an admission or do any public advertising from the customer or off site advertising or is in a private location that only members can attend will require a license and may qualify as a theatrical release and be subject to different licensing requirements.  Contact us for more info regarding licensing and we will assist you in getting the right answers.
(Please Contact us for more details)

Q=    How do I know if I require a license?
A=    Contact us and we can assist you in where to get that answer.
Q=    How much is a license 
A=    That all depends on many criteria surrounding each individual event.  Please contact us and we will direct you on how to get the answer for your event.  In general basic public performing licenses start at $200.00 per movie, per showing.

Q=    Why do I have to pay for a License?
A=    This is a hard to swallow cost that many people are reluctant to pay because they donít understand where the money goes.  We have all enjoy watching movies, TV, seeing plays, listening to a favorite band and so on, but we often donít realize how much money it cost to pay for the production of the work.  The artists, managers, producers, directors, writers, and every other person involved need to earn a living for the hard work they do.  If it wasn't for the licensing none of the people who create such great work, and make it available to us, would want to do their work!  After all, who wants to work for free!
Q=     Can you Play pre-movie music?
A=     Yes we can but there is a separate cost of licensing to do so along with media costs.  Please contact us in advance if you would like pre-movie music.
Q=   If I need a license and donít get one, what will happen?
A=    Unfortunately if you require a license and donít have the license present on the night of the event Under The Stars Entertainment will likely cancel the movie, will retain your deposit, and you will be required to pay the balance owing for the event.  You are also susceptible to fines from various organizations for not being licensed.  We at Under The Stars Entertainment take licensing seriously and support it.   Ultimately Under The Stars Entertainment is an Outdoor movie equipment organizer and you are ultimately responsible for the acquisition of required licensing for your event.
Q=    Can you play a movie I downloaded and burned to DVD?
A=    Unfortunately we canít play burned or downloaded media as it will not have the appropriate Public Performing Rights licensing.
Q=   Can you play our own family videos?
A=   Absolutely we can play your own videos but we need to preview its content to ensure you have no copyrighted content on it and you to ensure you truly have the full rights to show it.  Typically we need at least 30 days notice to do this.
It is the Person / Organization who signs the contract with Under the Stars Entertainment for an event who is ultimately held liable for any violation to the licensing requirements for showing movies in public.  We at Under the Stars Entertainment strongly suggest you contact either The Copyright board of Canada, Criterion Pictures or Audio Cine Films Inc, for details on Public Performing Licenses.  Under The Stars Entertainment will not be held responsible for any violations to licensing.