Q=   How long do I need to book your services in advance?
A=     We recommend a minimum of 30 days advance booking but the earlier you book the better the chance of getting the date you request.
Q=   What days are best for booking?
A=   We suggest events be on Friday or Saturday evenings as it creates the least inconvenience for any neighbors.
Q=   Do you require a deposit?   
A=   Deposits are required for the securing of your event date.  If you are a paid event you will be required to cover the cost of the event at booking time and the remainder at your booked show night.  If you are deemed an event that we consider a public, no cost event we still require a minimum (based on your event size) deposit of $200.00 to secure your booking date but that will be returned on the night of the booked show.  The booking deposit is in addition to any licensing fees that may be required.
Q=   If I cancel do I get my deposit back?
A=   Unfortunately should you decide to cancel your event, deposits are not refundable.  We will only refund deposits under three conditions 1-The weather is not safe for our equipment to operate, (for both the original booked date and your backup date). 2- We have, at our discretion decided to cancel the show.  3- The cancellation is requested with more than thirty days notice of the event.   Please be aware we do not refund licensing fees under any circumstance.

To book your appointment, please email us with as much information as possible to contact@underthestarsentertainment.com and we will reply within 24 hours. Thank you.

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Let us know what you need, we will try to accommodate you.
We calculate our pricing based on the information you provide. Missing or inaccurate information will slow the processing time and may result in pricing delays. Cost for movie PPR licensing is not included in quoted prices*. Please review our policy page for more details or contact us at contact@underthestarsentertainment.com
*We will connect you with the appropriate organizations (Les films Criterion / Audio Cine Films Inc.) for obtaining your Movie License. They will inform you in regards to license needs and their costs.